Introducing LiveLook@:

LiveLook@ will turn your iPhone or iPad2 into a live mobile webcam!

I know you heard that before but LiveLook@ is a little different:
It's the first mobile webcam app for iOS that
comes bundled with a personal URL!

Yes, you will have a personal LiveLook@-Website
displaying your webcam.

You can even
change your foldername anytime you like !!!

For example:

It has preconfigured, built-in webspace for you!!!
Ready-to-use! - No configuration needed!

Unlike other apps:
- You don't need to have any account on twitter, facebook, etc.
- You don't need to already have a website running on your own webspace.
- You don't need to already have a ftp server running for upload.
- You will have a personal "speaking URL"!
- You can change your foldername anytime!

Of course, if you do have a twitter, facebook, etc. account
you can easily share your personal url with your friends too.

Available for iPhone and iPad2:


LiveLook@ Support:

Questions, feedback or wishes?
Please use the eMail-Support.

LiveLook@ The Screens (iPhone Version):

The nice and clean interface lets you easily
set the picture quality and the upload speed.

The first time you start the app you can enter your desired foldername
for the url of your personal LiveLook@-Website displaying your webcam.

The webspace will be configured instantly and you will have a short and simple url
for your mobile iphone webcam like

Your can change your foldername anytime you like!
Just tap your foldername and enter a new one!

Furthermore you can send mails directly from within the app
telling your friends that your iphone-webcam is online.

Your personal LiveLook@-Website automatically refreshes
to show your last uploaded picture nearly in realtime.